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Is your balcony safe?

Now there is a way to improve your balcony safety that is cost effective, easy to install and requires no modifications to your home -  a perfect solution for renters.

"Anti Grabbity" is a prickly textured strip that fits along the top of your railing to prevent hands from grabbing hold.  This makes it very hard for small children to lean over the rail or pull themselves up.

Not just for children either, "Anti Grabbity"  is the perfect barrier for reckless adults partying on hotel balconies. Put a stop to planking and dangerous alcohol-fueled behavior.

The transparent strips connect together to cover your balcony railing with installation taking only a few minutes.  Virtually invisible, they'll keep any strata happy. 

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Meet the Inventor
Invented by me, Hollie after treading on an upside down prickly carpet protector.
I love to climb and so did my little kids. We also lived on the 17th floor of a very groovy apartment in Sydney. Not a great combination, so I did what I always do: If there is a problem, find a way to fix it and this was it!

I also own and run BizzTools.net
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